Fellowship Ministries Coordinator: Minister Albert Brooks

The Fellowship Ministry promotes unity throughout the body of Christ. The ministry educates and unites for kingdom building which allows enhancement of growth, Christian fellowship, and unity.


The Men's Ministry is a spiritually-based fellowship of men who are driven to reach out to other men who are lost or unchurched. Prayer, outreach, leadership, and evangelism is the mission of this life-changing ministry. Several activities are presented each year in order to bring the men into closer relationship with each other, thereby learning from each other's life experiences in order to better understand their role in the kingdom and in the home. Monthly meetings are also held to share the Word of God, finding strategies to win the man who is without Christ. "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”. Matthew 4:19



     Ron Riley

Vice President-

     Jack Johnson


     Tim Burton


     Lloyd Welton

Prayer/Worship Leaders-


Spiritual Leader-

     Albert Brooks

Our mission is to promote Christ-like attributes of love by prayerfully depending on the study of God’s Holy Word to transform women into a likeness of Him.  Our goal is to establish a purposeful relationship with God and each other through fellowship, teaching, discipling, embracing, empowering, encouraging, and providing support, which will lead to spiritual transformation for Christ.


Eva Bland

Ernestine Dean

Sharon Dixon

Valerie Ellis

Celeste Felton

Norma Gaither

Alexis Glen

Dawn Teagle

Using the wisdom and spiritual knowledge gained through maturing in age, we strive to  promote unity and harmonious fellowship in the body of Christ and the community. To seek always to spread the good news; to stress the importance of prayer and to be attentive to the needs of others.  Outreach service in the community and many activities are regularly planned that help support our mission of “Becoming a Transformational Church.”



     Carolyn Waites

Vice President-

     Jack Johnson


     Edith Peters

Assistant Secretary-

     Mary Joe

Corresponding Secretary –

     Norma Gaither


     Barbara Pennington

Assist. Treasurer-

     Lavonne Benton

The Youth Ministry aims to lead each child into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Realizing that many of our youth have not necessarily come to service “by choice”, we emphasize at each of our activities the importance and priority of salvation. Every event has a purpose and desired outcome. In each activity, the youth leadership challenges our kids to seek after Christ and to grow in their relationship with the Lord.  Each leadership meeting involves prayer and intercession for covering and growth in the lives of our youth. Each youth event involves active and passive prayer (on-going during the particular event).  The Youth Ministry strives to aid each child in experiencing God’s presence.

Patsy Hudson

Renella Coker

Cleo Holloway

Terrence Teagle

Marcia Randolph

Mathew Winder


The purpose of our College Ministry is to provide for our students' spiritual nurture and prepare them to live for Christ and make disciples on their respective campuses.  To keep in touch with each student on a scheduled time period and to recognize the needs that are present in each student's life - those away and those who are commuting. We let the parents know of our interest and concern for their son or daughter and we try to provide the activities necessary for the building of a relationship with each student.  To meet the needs of students, our ministry must be intentional and aware of the students we work with and then formulate ministries around those needs. Students have the opportunity to interact with other students, engage in study, and ask questions they may have about Christianity.  It is the aim of the College Ministry to strengthen and build upon the foundation of Christ, empowering students to impact their college campus for the glory of God.

Cleo Holloway

Terrence Teagle


The Couples Ministry (Couples for Christ[CFC]) conducts quarterly opportunities for couples to share feedback on CFC events and purpose ideas.  The ministry seeks to provide opportunities for discipleship and bible study in an effort to enhance relationships within the church body and the community by implementing the HOMEBUILDERS home bible studies.  The ministry provides exciting, challenging, and engaging programs for married couples. The off-site meetings are facilitated by EBC CFC-trained members and associate ministers.

Terrence & Dawn Teagle

Samuel & Alvina Jones, Sr.


Mathew Winder, Jr.

Marcia Randolph

Shaniqua Williamson

Alexis Glen



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