Diaconate Ministry President: Tim Burton Vice President: Chenelle Harris Secretary: Delores Whitfield Treasurer: Fortunata Green

The purpose of the Church Administration is to organize information, manage team logistics, communicate information relating to the church calendar and building usage, and work toward keeping the day-to-day operations at Ebenezer organized and clear.

Church Secretary -

     Giselle Phillips

Church Clerk-

      Cynthia Burwell

Building Manager-

       Romeo Gardner, Jr

The Ministers’ Coalition assists in developing the ministers in the body of believers in the congregation and beyond the church’s sphere.  They help with the training and development of those who have a ministry call on their lives and they serve at the discretion of the pastor.  The Ministers’ Coalition performs pastoral duties such as preaching, teaching, conducting worshiping services, communion, weddings, funerals, baptisms, and praying for and anointing the sick.  Others duties or positions may include Minister of Evangelism, Worship Coordinator, Youth Advisor, Missionary Outreach, Children’s Church, and other areas of responsibilities assigned by the Pastor.

Facilitator-Cleo Holloway

Albert Brooks

Norman Bryant

Renella Coker

Tanya Frazier

Michael Green

Darrell Hudson

Patsy Hudson

Eusandra Lane

Marcia Randolph

Keith Roberts

Jeryl Scott

Renee Stewart

Terrence Teagle

Anthony Warren

Delancia Warren

Ruth Williams

Mathew Winder

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is highly praised and worshipped at Ebenezer Baptist Church. We, the Board of Deacons at Ebenezer, invite you, your family and friends to attend our church where we praise, sing, teach, and worship in the name of Jesus.


At Ebenezer, our Diaconate consists of the Board of Deacons and Deaconesses who, in partnership with our pastor and clergy, act as servants to the membership of the church and to the community.


One way we serve and reach out to our membership is through the Family Ministry.

Each family is assigned a deacon who, in turn, is directly responsible to minister to that family both morally and spiritually. This may be achieved by, but is not limited to, personal visits, coordinating, praying, directing, recognizing special events, telephone calls, caring, and through reconciliation.


The main purpose of such interactions is to build a stronger relationship with God; to proclaim the gospel to believers and unbelievers, and to care for the membership and others in the community. Our goal is to lead the church to the achievement of its mission of saving souls.


It is our prayer that you join us for any of our services and we solicit your prayers and support to become a servant to you and your family.

Lenard Whitfield

Charles Stevens

Timothy Burton

Marcus Leaper

Andre Harris

George Bright

Arnold Miller

Ira Walker

Emory Coleman

Samuel Green

Earnest Waites

Pete Burwell

Tomas Sumpter

Ronald Riley

Our Deaconesses, along with the deacons, have jurisdiction over the preparation and serving of the Holy Communion. Under supervision of the pastor and the deacons, prepare linen, secure bread and wine, and prepare the table on each Holy Communion Sunday before worship begins; keep same clean and presentable. The deaconesses have charge of the baptismal robes and assist in the baptismal services. They, along with the deacons, submit the names of candidates for baptismal certificates to the church administrative office.


The deaconesses are responsible for visiting and caring for the sick and shut-in members of the congregation, along with deacons and other church members. They minister to the spiritual growth and needs of other female members of the congregation in general. Our deaconesses also assist in the Deacon Family Ministry.

Delores Whitfield

Marilyn Leeper

Bernice Stevens

Chenelle Harris

Jeanette Greae

Ronda Burton

Gladys Jordan

Joyce Bright

Mary Joe

Denise Miller

Lutricia Walker

Fortunata Green

Carolyn Waites

Cynthia Burwell

Stephanie Winder

Helen Johnson

The Culinary Ministry is a creative and innovative ministry designed to serve God and others through food preparation. This ministry encompasses everything from creating menus to food preparation and decorations for church repasts for special programs/events.  If you enjoy serving others in a fast paced, oriented environment, then our ministry needs YOU.

Co-Coordinator-Robin Dixon


     Rochelle Gethers

Lead Team Members

   Eva Bland

   Sheri Clegg

   Delores Whitfield

The Ministry stands on-call for Pastor and his wife to provide assistance and care directly to them as needed and/or to respond to any request they have for direct assistance or for providing assistance to others. The Ministry serves as an extension of Pastor and his wife in acknowledgment of bereaved members. Facilitation of church-wide acknowledgements of the years of service that Pastor and his wife have yielded themselves to Ebenezer Baptist Church are led by the ministry as well.

Facilitator-Chenelle Harris

George Bright

Joyce Bright

Audrey Clement

Rochelle Gethers

Darrell Hudson, Sr.

Loretta Jones

Anthony Warren

The Board of Trustees is made up of individuals who have charge of the church property; keeping it insured, making all repairs and alterations, securing the services of persons as may be required for the orderly maintenance of the church and other property.  They have legal supervision over the temporal needs of the church and the employment and supervision of the clerical and custodial staffs.


 Trustees ensure that all procedures involving the management, collection, and disbursement of church monies are conducted in an open, legal manner and free of any impropriety or of malfeasance.


The Trustees, through the offices of the Financial Secretary, Bookkeeper, and Treasurer, maintain accurate and current records of all receipts and expenditures of the church.  They prepare and present an annual church budget and present it to the Joint Board and church for approval.


The Board of Trustees also establishes guidelines for use of the church facilities by outside agencies for wedding, class reunions, etc.

Chairman-Gwen East

Vice Chair-Romeo Gardner, Jr

Secretary-Marcel Canady

Financial Secretary-

Chris Gethers

Treasurer-Lovett Gaither

Bookkeeper-Edith Peters

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Rev. Dr. Walter R. Dean, Pastor

Sis. Ernestine Dean, First Lady

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