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Kingdom Building:
Becoming a Transformational Church”

Acts 2:44-47; Acts 17:11-12;
Romans 12:1-2; 2 Corinthians 3:18

Welcome Visitors

Welcome to the web site of the Ebenezer Baptist Church.
We are so happy to have you visit our site and extend an open invitation for you to visit our church and join in our worship service here on Semple Farm Road in Hampton, Virginia. The church has a history of sharing the Word and the spirit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as we seek to unite individuals toward “Kingdom Building”. The Lord has manifested Himself to us and we are grateful for His abiding presence.


Pastor & First Lady Walter Dean

Mission Statement

As the Ebenezer family recognizes the authority of Jesus Christ, we consider the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-19, as the mandate for our existence. Therefore our mission becomes a family oriented ministry designed to Evangelize, Educate, Transform, and empower men and women to carry out the works of the Kingdom of God. A family ministry designed to address the whole person through preaching, teaching, praise, worship, outreach and support ministries designed to reach the world for Christ. May the Lord be magnified in this.




EBC Ministries
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- Ministers' Coalition
- Deaconess
- Deacons
- Armor Bearers
- Kitchen Ministry
- Trustees

- Christian Education
- Children's Church
- Sunday School
- Parenting
- New Members Class
- Health and Safety
- Vacation Bible School
- Technology
- Youth Tutorial

- Couples Ministry
- Fellowship
- Laymen's Ministry
- Women's Ministry
- Youth Ministry
- Singles Ministry
- Seniors Ministry

- Canvassing
- Exodus
- Homeless
- Juvenile Detention
- Military
- Mentoring
- Missionary Society

- Christian Banners
- Word Alive Drama
- Intercessory Prayer
- Praise Dancers
- Puppets
- Music
- Media
- The Helping Stone
- Ushers

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